In this “networking world” and information at a click of a mouse having a web presence in a form of a website and social networking is becoming more vital for companies small or large to have information available for their current and potential customers 24 hours a day. This was the foundation as to why Webdeezine was created.

With many start-up companies, having a website created can be a costly experience as this can be from R3000 (one page) to R15,000 for a multi page website.

At Webdeezine we focus on the small companies by offering a well priced web design platform at a fraction of the cost as opposed to many other companies.

Though our ability and websites created do not lack quality built websites we make sure our customers receive their exact requirements and by the end of the site they are 100% satisfied with their website.

Please have a browse around and look forward to any questions or enquiries you may have